5 Things You Should Know About Your Wedding Photographer

Before you choose a wedding photographer there are some things you should know:

Here are the five most important things you need to keep in mind when making your choice.

Camera Quality
An experienced photographer owns a high quality digital SLR camera and knows how to use it. The camera should be a professional model that provides all the features that the photographer will need to create the best photos possible. A professional camera will take professional quality photos that will look much better than photos that come from simple amateur cameras.

Lens Variety
Photos that are all taken with one lens end up looking boring. The best wedding photos are those that are taken using a variety of lenses. Your wedding photographer should be well versed in using various lenses and should change lenses frequently as needed throughout the day. They should have two camera bodies with their most commonly used lenses so they can quickly swap to capture a specific shot.

An experienced photographer should know how to take photos in varying levels of light, from different angles and using various settings on the camera. Many photographers simply use the automatic point and shoot method for taking photos. This lack of expertise will bring a flat appearance to all the wedding photos and they will be boring. Ask your photographer how long they have been in business and how many weddings she has shot. Then look at the portfolio to get an idea of the quality of work the photographer will provide.

Backup Equipment
It is important that the wedding photographer has backup equipment. The photographer should be prepared in the event of a camera failure by carrying an additional camera body. She should also have spare memory cards and flash equipment. If there is a breakage the photographer can continue taking photos without skipping a beat. The wedding events won’t stop because the camera is broken.

Price and Quality Comparison
Photography prices can vary greatly. It is important when comparing wedding photographer packages that you consider the quality of the photos you’ll receive. A photographer may put a high price tag on his services even though the quality isn’t good. Review the portfolio to make sure the photographer provides excellent results. It’s often better to opt for fewer photos of higher quality than a lot of mediocre photos, so make sure your wedding photographer is not showing you a lot of fluff.

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