How to Keep Your Wedding Photography in Your Budget

5 ways to keep your Wedding Photography in your Budget:

Wedding photography can be one of the largest expenses of your wedding plans.  You can expect to allot 10% to 30% of your wedding budget to photography.  Choosing the right photographer and following these guidelines will help you keep your wedding photography in your budget.

Review your Needs

Talk to the wedding photographer about your needs and budget.  She will often be able to accommodate your budget by making suggestions that won’t compromise quality.  When choosing between quality and quantity always opt for quality.  Remember that you and your family will be viewing these photos for many years to come.

Light Considerations

Outdoor and natural lighting can reduce the need for artificial lighting.   When less equipment is needed it can reduce the total price of the wedding photographs.  Natural light provides the best light for clear, crisp, stunning photos.  Some of the best natural light is found just before dusk.

Scale Down

Reduce the number of photos you request and you’ll often cut down the price.  Consider fewer posed photos and opt instead for a photojournalistic approach to provide a much more interesting result.  Reduce your list of “must have” photos and instead allow your photographer to take more artistic and interesting photos.

Eliminate the Extras

Little extras can add up quickly.  Keep in mind that you don’t need to add everything possible to your photography package.  Instead, work with your photographer to determine the things that make sense and those you can do without.  You will be much happier with the results and will be able to stay within your budget.

Be Realistic

When considering your wedding photography needs you need to be realistic.  You should determine your wedding photography budget and then work to stay within that budget and your photographer will work with you to deliver the best possible photos while keeping within your price range.

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