Why Choose a Photojournalist over a Traditional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography has been going through a period of change.  Traditional wedding photographers line people up and take posed photos.  While they typically take some “candid” wedding photos what you see is what you get.  The latest option for wedding photographs is to have them taken by a wedding photojournalist.

A photojournalist is a photographer who tells a story through pictures.  Much of the wedding day will be captured through a series of interesting and unique photos.  A photojournalist uses a variety of lenses and angles that will help to snap the best photos of your wedding day.
When you choose a photojournalist you can expect her to take a large array of photos throughout the day.  You may not always see where the photographer is at all times but you can be sure that she’s in the midst of taking a spectacular photo.  The result will be a wonderful and unique variety of photographs that show emotion and capture the mood of the day.

The photojournalist will capture many unique moments throughout the day – moments even you may not have noticed.  The best photos are those that are taken when least expected however a good photographer will take planned photos as well.  The photojournalist is particularly adept at finding and capturing wonderful moments throughout the day.

Photojournalists are exceptional photographers.  They are more versatile than other photographers.  Photojournalism is one of the most difficult arts to master.  While almost anyone can snap pictures of people standing in poses it takes the creative experience of an artist to take photojournalistic photos.

A photojournalist is ready to take a photo at any given moment.  Suddenly she’ll see a perfect look or an interesting subject and will capture it for you on film.  A photojournalist is used to taking photos on the fly so you’ll find this type of photographer is the perfect choice for a busy wedding.  The photojournalist can take whatever comes her way and make something great out of it.

The photojournalist enjoys the excitement of the day and is constantly looking for photos that will capture the essence of your special day. When you choose a photojournalist you can expect to get plenty of interesting photos that consist of both planned and unplanned moments.

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