Why You Should Have Your Wedding on a Sunny Day

Your wedding day will be memorialized forever in wedding photos.  The best photos are often those that are taken using natural light.  Have your wedding on a sunny day to ensure that your wedding photos will be the best they can be.

Natural Light

Choose a ceremony location that has plenty of natural light.  Sunlight coming in through windows or skylights will help the photographer create beautiful photos.  Be sure to check with the church to find out if they allow flash photography.  Even if the weather is cloudy there will still be some natural light.  Natural light is best for wedding photographs.

Time of Day

Carefully choose the time of your wedding.  Midday may produce harsh shadows that may require your photographer to use additional lighting. The best natural lighting is typically in the few hours before sunset.  Check out the location on a similar time of day to see what the lighting will be like inside and outdoors.

Take Outdoor Photos

Add some time into your wedding day itinerary for some outdoor photos.  Choose a nearby location to take outdoor photos.  A good time to take these photos is often between the wedding ceremony and the reception.  Check the outdoor area of your church or reception venue to find alternate options for outdoor photos.

Lighting Options

Talk to your photographer to determine the lighting options that are open to you.  In dimly lit locations your photographer will need to use artificial light, which can detract from her ability to take spontaneous photos.  Visit the reception venue prior to your wedding day to determine what the lighting needs are.

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