Why You Should Never Get Injections, or Have Plastic Surgery

Before I get started with this article, I just want to address that a few years ago, I had a nose job. The doctor did a fantastic job, and I could not be happier with the results. I know a lot of beautiful women who have had minor surgeries like nose jobs, breast augmentation, and honestly if you have a great surgeon, you have nothing to worry about.

When you stare in a mirror, you are looking at a reverse image of yourself, so it is not really how the rest of the world sees you. Ever notice how you might feel more comfortable looking at yourself in a reflection rather in photos? Well, in photos you are seeing yourself for who you truly are. To some of us, it is a brutally honest look at ourselves. Usually, we are the only ones who consider it brutal.

To get to the point, I, as a photographer am a heartbreaker. While I am very skilled at getting people to be relaxed, and finally get a truly amazing beauty shot in the studio, there is nothing I can do if you have no control over your eyebrows, and facial muscles. I recall one of my clients came to my studio, and she could barely move a muscle on her face. Her skin was tight, and her lips were overly plumped with silicon injections. All for the sake of getting rid of wrinkles, she discarded one of the most beautiful attributes a person could possibly have, and that is the ability to show emotions gracefully, and naturally. Of course, when we take selfies, or put makeup on in the morning, we are focusing on the wrinkles, grey hairs, and that weird mole under our chin. We are not looking in the mirror, and expressing every emotion that we go through during a typical week. Therefore, we never see our facial personality until someone maybe records us on video, or photo.

When my camera takes a snapshot of someone in the studio, the photo immediately goes to my computer. I am using a Nikon D800, where the file size and clarity of the image can make many folks really uncomfortable. When I zoomed into the images of my client who had Botox, and lip injections, I could immediately see in her eyes the heartbreak. This was possibly the moment she got a reality call on what she had finally done to her face. Sadly, she left my studio with only a few good shots that I had to Photoshop heavily.

The moral of this story is we all hate wrinkles, but I would personally never trade them for a face that was unable to show my beautiful personality. If you are going to do something, try eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, moisturize, and exercise. You can’t cheat aging; embrace it, and you will always stay beautiful.

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